СМИ: Джей Зи и Бейонсе разводятся

Even the status of one of the most desirable women in the world cannot guarantee loyalty to her husband.

Over the years of living together with Jay-Z, Beyonce had to come to terms with all fleeting affair husband. But more of this disrespect, the singer will not stand for.

Beyonce wants to divorce Jay Z and soon, sure the environment of the family, it will happen.

Information about the divorced couple appeared in the media in December of last year. Instead of review a denial of this information, the couple Carter just released to celebrate the musician’s birthday. But now the situation has escalated.

It is known that 35-year-old singer is tired of the 47-year-old wife and his problems, which has recently increased.

Jay Z revealed an illegitimate child born from underage girls.

It happened in 1992, but now an old flame has intensified and began to insist on a DNA test. Jay-Z in this situation while giving back and not enter into dialogue with the mother of their adult child.

The outcome of this story, later learn.