Lily Allen angered the British words of hatred for the UK

Лили Аллен возмутила британцев словами о ненависти к Великобритании

British singer Lily Allen gets the stones in your garden. Celebrity angry tribesmen, saying that the whole world hates her homeland because of the history of the slave trade. Lilly made a statement on his page on the social network Twitter after poslushai the speech of the Prime Minister, Theresa may, and stirred the British people is not a joke.

“Global and great Britain is, maybe it would be a good idea, but the whole world still hates us because of the slave trade” — was written by Allen. But struck her wave of indignation was forced immediately to remove his post, but in response to the hateful comments brought some historical facts. For example, he wrote that from 1640 to 1807 years, more than three million people, the British Empire has taken from Africa to their colonies as slaves.
I must say that was Lily among subscribers and those who supported her opinion, saying that for many years the UK did not apologize to the descendants of slaves and did not pay them repatriation.