СМИ: Хилари Суонк рассталась с женихом

Three months passed in the brides Hollywood actress Hilary swank. 41-year-old celebrity is no longer seen in public with a beautiful ring, given to her boyfriend Ruben Torres. Insiders claim the man also disappeared from her life.

Recently in France has passed the Open championship of France on tennis, and Hilary was one of the specially invited fans Serena Williams participating in the contest. The photo, taken by paparazzi during a match, it is noticeable that on the hand Hilary is missing the emerald ring – the token of her engagement.
Sources close to the actress confirm that they have with Ruben’s all over, but the details are not misleading. As a confirmation swank was removed from the social network numerous joint photo with her lover. But sad the actress is not going: she continues to brag about his busy life and certainly smiling in the photos.
Earlier, Hilary was married to Chad Lowe, however, they will grow old together was not meant to be – the couple divorced after ten years of marriage. Six years later she gave my agent John Cmipci, which broke up in 2012. Ruben Torres, a once famous tennis player and now – famous coach. What happened and whether they’re parted does not report neither the actress nor her ex-boyfriend.

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