Аксель Роуз требует, чтобы Google убрал из интернета его фото

The leader of the group Guns n Roses Axl rose, who recently temporarily replaced his colleague on the stagevocalist of AC/DC Brian Johnson because of his health problems, turned to Google with the requirement to withdraw from his online photos.

According to rose, he has exclusive rights to your image, and therefore prohibits their use. Note that we are not talking about all images in the Network which show Axel, but only on shots taken at the concert in Winnipeg in 2010.

The fact that this photograph rose appears not at its best. Untidy urged network users to the creation of many Internet-all while accompanying them with slightly modified quotes from songs Guns n ‘ Roses, where ridiculed their fullness soloist.

Аксель Роуз требует, чтобы Google убрал из интернета его фото

Shooting at the concert in 2010 was engaged photographer Boris Minkevich, but he said the portal TorrentFreak, he did not remember whether he signed some papers that convey the right musician for prints.

Axl rose was not the first who asked to withdraw from the Network objectionable pictures. A few years back with a similar demand was made by Beyonce. During her performance at the super bowl were made the frames on which the Queen Bee does not look like a charming sweet-voiced singer and bodybuilder, dressed in women’s clothes.

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