СМИ: Денис Мацуев впервые станет отцом
Catherine Shipulina will give the musician the firstborn.

Ekaterina Shipulina and Denis Matsuev

As reported by the media, Denis Matsuev and his beloved prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Catherine Shipulina will soon become parents. Rumors that the couple first son is born spread at the festival “New Wave”. However, the parents themselves interesting position to comment on Catherine have so far refused.

Denis does not like to advertise personal life. Musician almost did not apply on his novel with the Shipulina, which began, according to rumors, many years ago. The pair met at social events organized by mutual friends of Denis and Catherine. Incidentally, despite the fact that the pianist meets a ballerina for a long time, to conduct his beloved to the altar he is in no hurry. Probably Shipulin and without a stamp in the passport absolutely sure of the feelings Matsuev.

By the way, before meeting with the artist, Denis did not disclose the names of their loved ones. In all the interviews he evasively replied that his wife was a classical music lover and jazz. It should be noted that during his career, during which he worked with the younger generation, he had certain views on the education of children. It is sure that children should be given time to be young. Matsuev finds that loading kids a large number of hours spent studying does not make sense. In this he was convinced on own example. Denis, even at a very young age, unlike many other aspiring musicians spent hours playing football in the yard. And then we gladly sat at the piano.