Лянка Грыу снова проходит «Тест на беременность»
Actress urgently brings order to your body.

Лянка Грыу снова проходит «Тест на беременность»

Lyanka Grau

Photo: Oleg Zotov

Before traveling to St. Petersburg Lanka played sports. For more than a month every day in sports: personal trainer
fulfills program power loads, swims in the pool. However, three years ago, when the actress participated in
“Ice age”, the workout was much more intense and long: five hours a day! Tiring, but she looked simply irresistible. Parallel to the TV show was filming the first season of “the Test
pregnancy, and the heroine Lanky in short skirts and high heels shone
chiseled figure… “Soon
begin shooting the second season of “pregnancy Test”. The
time to freshen up!” — explains Lenka your sporty attitude.

After the “Ice age” actress no longer wanted so hard to train, it is less walked, indulged in a tasty, could eat too much —
and as a result have gained weight. “I felt that the muscles lose their tone, that I
became quickly tired and shortness of breath even appeared! — recognized Lanka. — Looked in the mirror, frowned, and from time to time for a couple of weeks sat
on a diet. But it was necessary to return to a normal diet, the weight became more than
before! Finally, I understand that my Express diet is only useful on occasion.
As, for example, before the “Kinotavr”.

Something was really
to change for the better only when the actress realized a need to change the entire food system and
to return to regular exercise. Not
this, of course, crazy tempos, as on “Ice age”. “The show is a show, we went to
the record made it impossible, — says the expert. — And in sport mode it is necessary to dive safely.
First on the yoga like a week or two, change a diet, feel
better then to have one of strength training is to watch, to listen to the body,
and then within a month to select the available load. If the way to change
your lifestyle, listening to your body, within six months
the result will be there.”

The actress had to adjust to the sport. Before
exercise it almost does not eat Breakfast, you may drink a glass of water, eat an Apple
or a banana. 40 minutes after workout — Breakfast: egg, fish, steamed vegetables, green tea. On
lunch — meat or fish (in any case not fried or in batter), and for dinner chicken
broth, fish or pumpkin soup. As a snack, dried fruit or yogurt.

All the September long the actress plans to stay in the same mode, and in October she went to Saint Petersburg, where he began shooting. “I
I think that Peter will continue to do. I see the tightened muscles and go the extra pounds!”

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Lyanka Grau

Photo: photo from personal archive of Lance Grau