Май Абрикосов собрался жениться на иностранке Ex-participant reality show prepares for family life. According to Abrikosov May, he’s already made a beloved proposal. Despite some difficulties, the man and his fiancee Olga soon going to formalize the relationship.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” May Apricots tries not to share on social networks with details of his personal life. That is why on his page you will not find pictures with his beloved Olga. However, for several years a man happy in a relationship with a girl. As admitted Apricots “StarHit”, they started Dating after the guy left the telestroke. She was not embarrassed tarnished the reputation of a young man and his many novels. May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

      May, known outside telestroke as a novel Tertyshny recently was able to settle with the darling of all conflicts. According to the young men, their relationship from the beginning was explosive. Recently, the couple had a little spat of jealousy. However, seeing the sincere feelings of the Novel, Olga forgave him.

      “Today we came together to make a conscious decision to create our family. I officially proposed to her. She agreed. Olga works as a doctor-optometrist in Minsk. She has some obligations to the Republic, and only in the following year her contract ends. Planning to settle in Russia, and yet have to live in two countries”, – said Tertyshny.

      Many members of the Novel know that he is happy with Olga, however, no one never seen the mysterious beloved star electroni. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” explained the “StarHit” that does not share pictures with a girl, as it is not a public person, and is a citizen of another country. Sweetheart Tertyshna managed to come together with his family, they have established a full understanding. “Mom, my world, with my girl she formed a warm relationship. They communicate a lot and often friends against me. My girlfriend supports the decision that my mom will live with us,” shared the former member of the reality show.

      In the near future novel plans to fully devote himself to the family. He is madly in love with Olga and see her in the role of his wife. According to the man, with her he will be happy throughout your life.

      “For me, the main success to be a husband and dad. Olga has already warned!” – admitted Tertyshny.