79-summer mother of singer Nargis had a blast at the party

79-летняя мама певицы Наргиз ушла в отрыв на вечеринке An elderly woman danced the dance. Singer Nargiz congratulated mother Louise Karimovna happy birthday, posted a video with her participation. As it turned out, lady, in old age, loves to fool around and knows how to loosen up.

      Finalist of the second season of the popular project “the Voice” Nargis Zakirova very irregular congratulated the microblogging happy birthday to your mother, people’s artist of the Uzbek SSR Louise Karimovna Zakirov.

      Instead of a reverent confession of the parent on the day of her 79th anniversary of the singer Nargiz published incendiary live with my mother in the lead role, proving that age is really just numbers. Lady, in good years, loves fun party and not opposed to fun in the circle of young people. Obviously, Zakirova-the eldest in the ability to relax may give to their grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. “Happy birthday to you, mommy!” – simply congratulated Louise Karimovna her star daughter.

      And the rest Nargis about her mom all told video. Apparently, it was recorded during a festive family party. In the frame flashing the eldest daughter of the singer Sabina and her son Noah. The boy in September 2016, two years have passed, and it is possible that a cheerful party was held on the occasion of his birthday.

      Video with mother Nargis conquered the fans of the singer. They noted that many should learn from older women optimism and ability to enjoy life. Many admitted that watching the video and are ready to dance.

      “How great she is! Congratulations to your mom! Her happiness and longevity!”, “Learn to live like this! And will be your life more beautiful! God bless all mothers in the world in the face of this woman!”, “Nargis, Yes you have it bad girl! Health is such a positive man!” “Honestly, from this and my head danced. Bravo!”, “So that’s why you’re such a tear-off, mother! Health and happiness to your whole family!”, such comments leave the followers of the singer Nargiz positive video.

      It should be noted that 2016 was marked for vocalist disappointments in your personal life and incredible successes – in a creative. After 20 years of marriage, she filed for divorce from her third husband Philip Balzano. The couple has a child together — 16-year-old daughter Leila. As told Nargis, Philip turned her life into hell.

      Last fall, Nargis and Maxim Fadeev presented to the fans a new video that made a lasting impression on fans of the singer and producer. The song “Two of us” talks about the difficulties and sheer force of will, incredible courage and true love. Video Maxim Fadeev and Nargiz Zakirova brought fans to tears