Май Абрикосов сделал скандальное заявление об участии в «Доме-2» Former reality show participant believes shame to be on the project. May Abrikosov was one of the first heroes of the program. Despite the fact that it wants to see the numerous spectators, he flatly turns back to the famous telestroke.

      May Abrikosov was one of the first participants of the reality show “Dom-2”. A young man appeared on television as a participant of the project 12 years ago. The boy tried to find happiness in his personal life with Olga the Sun. But to build a strong relationship pair failed. Then their attention May have shifted to Alain Vodonaevu. However, these relations gave a crack. After three years of participation in the project of Apricots left the project.

      May believes that over time, the project only gets worse and does not understand why the TV show is causing such a stir among the public.

      “I really do not understand the viewers who watch “House-2”. The miracle did not happen, the project will not be better. And the participants I’m sorry, they are wrong and don’t realize that the ridiculous fees and dubious reputation are not worth the humiliation and decay. I advise everyone who is now at the “House-2″, just quietly to disperse,” wrote Apricots.

      Despite the fact that many fans of the TV show I still remember and love one of the first heroes of the reality show, Roman Tertychny (real name May Abrikosov. – Approx. “StarHit”) is not eager to return to TV screens as a participant. He told all his fans that considers it shameful to be on the project, the more he found happiness in his personal life.

      “Friends! Please do not litter “Instagram” requests to return to the “House-2”! I have a favorite Olga, I am happy and prosperous. From “House-2” there is absolutely nothing I need! Last time touted the project as “revolutionary”, I refused. Walking to Olympus feel shameful. There is nothing to discuss. Relationships in couples are more commercial in nature than love,” – said in his microblog Apricots, readers, which is a little more than two thousand people.

      Loyal fans really reacted to such a statement May, and fully supported his opinion. But they were quick to justify their desire to have him as a member of the “House-2” the opportunity to watch his life on TV.

      “What a career at the “House-2″. This is a few of the people who have developed a career, and it’s vulgar and, indeed, Commerce”, “Good boy, Roman! I said it right! Even to sit in Olympus – shame!” “That’s Right, A Novel! Golden words! Good luck to you and Olga! But issues are not going anywhere. This post drops below the tape, and again we will ask the same questions in a circle. So hang in there! And Yes, who asked Olga – not the Sun. Olga, the girlfriend of Roman, the project has no relation! Publicity it is not necessary, so her photo here and we don’t see,” was supported by the Abrikosov fans.

      Recently a former member of the famous reality show leads a reclusive lifestyle. The man lives in the village. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” May Apricots earns a living collecting zucchini