МакSим испытывает страх перед рождением сына The singer revealed the truth about his phobia. Mack admitted that if she’s a boy, she will not depart from him even for a minute. The actress is afraid for himself now, although the birth of an heir she only plans.

      Maksim is the mother of two beautiful daughters Alexandra and Mary. The singer became a mother for the second time in 2014. Since then, she has quickly returned to form and came out of the decree. However, the artist does not lose hope that does not rest on its laurels and in the future will become the mother of many children.

      Interestingly, Mack dreams of the son. She imagines that someday will give birth to a boy. When the singer was very worried about myself. She actually admits that in the future may become the crazy mother-in-law due to excessive care of their child.

      “I would like to have more children. Girls, we already have many, so I want the boy. Apparently, God has not given me a boy, because I just would not depart from him and would consider all the women around enemies. It yet, but I’m already afraid for myself,” says Maksim.

      Meanwhile, the singer is constantly samosovershenstvovaniya. She finds the strength and wisdom not to suppress their daughters, when she has a not agree with them and respect their choice. Mack likes to watch her grow as heiress and someplace bright personality.

      “I pretty early had to admit that her daughter doesn’t look like me, and I fail to educate them as well as I would like. No matter how I tried, my daughter was perfect and made our mistakes, they will still go their own way. The eldest daughter, Sasha, is very similar to the grandmother. And the younger she is my rock, and I’m terribly curious to see how much she absorbs from the father, even the facial expressions and gestures,” says the singer.

      It is noteworthy that Mack keeps secret his personal life. With fathers of daughters star has maintained a normal relationship, so they can continue to communicate with heirs. When the singer says if she has a boyfriend now. However, the artist still hints at the fact that her heart is not free.

      “I think the most important quality in a man is honesty. I met a man, and the first thing he said to me, “You’re some kind of wild”. Surprisingly, despite my closeness, I just took it and fell in love with him!” – says Maksim in an interview, “Peopletalk”.