May Abrikosov defended well-fed people

Май Абрикосов защитил упитанных людей
Star famous telestroke “Dom-2” May Abrikosov surprised that some people do not hesitate to speak ill of the people “in the body”.

Май Абрикосов защитил упитанных людей

May thinks that this is wrong and unacceptable, so he decided to support those people whose forms are far from ideal.

A man wonders why everyone is trying to follow the same standards for the sake of losing weight torturing yourself with diets.

“The fullness of the human body and the evaluation criteria are not determined by aesthetic parameters and health and wellbeing. If a person is sick – dishonest to hurt him. And if not burdened physically, he likes to be full, he’s happy, confident, then why would someone dare him to blame the “excessive” weight?” – shares May.

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Author: zvezda

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