Максим Галкин поделился первым латвийским снимком дочери The head of the charming Lisa decorated with a wreath of flowers. Flirty girl lowered her eyes down and posing for dad. Star family the full composition resting in Sunny Jurmala on the Baltic sea.

      Максим Галкин поделился первым латвийским снимком дочери

      Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin and their children Elizabeth and Harry have a rest in the resort town of Jurmala. Star family rented for the summer one of the most luxurious mansions on the Baltic coast and enjoy the solitude in the shade of ancient trees. Today, however, the artists joined to all Latvian people.

      “In Latvia today is the national holiday – Midsummer,” he wrote on his page on “Instagrame” Maxim. The actor posted a touching photo of daughter Lisa, the head of which is decorated with a wreath of flowers. Apparently, therefore Galkin gave a tribute to the citizens of Latvia, which today is the official day off.

      Максим Галкин поделился первым латвийским снимком дочери

      Interestingly, Midsummer is the summer solstice. On this day Latvians traditionally go camping, make fires, sing songs and weave wreaths of oak and wildflowers. It is believed that herbs picked before Midsummer, have a special power.

      Of course, seeing the little Lisa with a wreath of fans of Maxim Galkin in the social network were quick to send him compliments.

      “My mother’s daughter, mom’s live…”, “Flirty!”, “Beauty! Even on the cover of the magazine”, “Princess Spring!”, “Little Alla! Beauty,” wrote the artist a followers.

      Recall that Galkin and Pugacheva has arrived to Jurmala earlier this month. Before the star family has opened its doors in Villa “Marta”. The area of the residence with six bedrooms, owned by a Latvian banker Victor Krasovickaya is nearly 2500 square meters.

      Alla Pugacheva has transported children to Jurmala

      “Diva has rented a Villa “Marta” is one of the most expensive in town houses, – said the “StarHit” a local realtor Michael Ramanauskas. – The residence has everything you need for relaxation: swimming pool, tennis courts that can be transformed into a concert hall, sauna, library, cinema room, a winter garden, a Conservatory with a bamboo grove”.

      The hallmark “Martha”, according to the real estate professional, is a mosaic of leaves of 24 carat gold that adorns the Spa area. Baths in the mansion trimmed with Brazilian blue granite, and the walls of the cherry tree. All this splendor will delight the stars to the end of the summer, until she gets back to his luxurious suburban castle in the Mud.

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