Olesya Sudzilovskaya is looking at hamburgers and lose weight

Олеся Судзиловская смотрит на гамбургеры и худеет The actress has published a photo with the wasp waist. Olesya Sudzilovskaya has inspired fans with a new selfie in which she shows a perfect press. The star became a mother for the second time in January of this year.

      Олеся Судзиловская смотрит на гамбургеры и худеет

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya has time to work, raise two children and to maintain the shape. The famous actress gave birth to the youngest son in January of this year. The boy was born strong and healthy. Parents called it an unusual name Mike.

      Only six months after birth, the actress came in perfect shape. As proof of this she posted a selfie in a tracksuit. On the picture you can clearly see inflated press star.

      “Good morning everyone! Hi, Mallorca! In the same place, in the same house, only now it’s four! Rest – Olesya wrote in his microblog. Soon pizza will be inside, and while she on the pocket. Thanks for the “funny” t-shirt and a great sports costume!”

      Wasp waist Sudzilovskaia admired and even inspired her fans. “Pretty woman, gave birth and already a skinny girl, Yes… will Power plus character,” This girl is definitely a mother of two children? Cool”, “Figure – Shik, it is already possible pizza, Olesya. Your smile is awesome, From the belly and not a trace already in great shape. I was scared that after a second child is harder in the weight throw, in form come, but in reality it would wish,” wrote in the comments of the followers of the star.

      Apparently, Olesya sits on a strict diet. Conceived to mark on the scales is left to lose quite a bit of pounds, so the actress and says that may soon afford a pizza.

      Incidentally, just a week ago the star is published in the microblog photo, which supposedly is going to devour a delicious Burger. Alas, this dream did not come true, because the desire to reach his goals overpowered Olesya temptation. Sudzilovskaya shared with fans how she managed to show will power.

      “How is it? When impossible, but if you really want, you can? Resist. And my men like to eat burgers made from beef”, – she wrote.

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya was baptized a son

      We will remind, earlier this week became aware that Sudzilovskaya baptized son. Little Mike a little over a year, and my parents decided that it was time to hold the Christian rite. “These days happened many wonderful events! Mike now has a guardian angel! With God, our little!”, – signed picture of Olesya.

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