Максим Фадеев рассказал о предательстве любимой женщины The producer is not very often tells fans about what happened in his life. But sometimes he makes an exception to the rule. Fadeev recently shared with subscribers of his microblog about how despicable he entered his ex-girlfriend and best friend. They left a scar in the heart of the Maxim.

      48-year-old producer Maxim Fadeev rarely shared with fans details his personal life. Recently, however, he made an exception and told about this in his Instagram. Fadeev told about the betrayal by the closest people — his ex-woman and friend. Their act left a deep mark in the heart of the Maxim. By his own admission, it is now never be the same. Fadeev also admitted that he was worried about the incident for many years.

      “I’ve had a few friends. I believed them, we grew up together, fell in love,played sports, fought for the authority and it seemed that and will be until the end of days. But…. Women, money, ambitions,the desire to be first has made adjustments to our relationship. And this is the first time I was betrayed by two. My woman and my closest friend. In one second I lost two. And most importantly,my open and sincere heart would never be the same. They showed me that all is not as in books. I’m sure many know how it hurt after the betrayal of loved ones. I have been sick for many years. And I never became still,” — said Fadeev in his microblog.

      Followers producer tried to support him and said that in their lives was also ugly actions committed by loved ones. “I was in your shoes”, “These friends need in one place and the Museum”, “Yes, it hurts. But on the other hand, well that left. Why are the people in our lives who betray, and not once?” “We don’t know, but maybe if not for these people, you would not have become who you have become?”, “All this is then to change and not to become the same. This is the meaning,” “you Need to forgive them, then it will be easier to live,” wrote subscribers Fadeeva in the comments to his post.

      Previously Maxim Fadeev told on social networks about how he survived clinical death. When the future producer was 17 years old, he underwent heart surgery. During the surgery the surgeons Maxim survived clinical death. At that moment, he felt light as a speck of dust. Fadeev recalled a cemetery in France where his relatives are buried, and found himself there. 20 years after this event, Maxim was able to get to the same place without any prompting and got father. “Then I realized that the “speck of dust” — it was not a dream, it was me,” wrote Fadeev in Instagram, shocking the subscribers of its mystical history.