Максим Фадеев высказался в поддержку Александра Панайотова The producer does not agree with the opinion of fans of “the Voice”. Maxim Fadeev believes the singer the undisputed winner of the fifth season of the popular show. His point of view, the author hits shared in the microblog, triggering a debate on participation in “the Voice” held the performers.

      The winner of the fifth season of the popular project of the First channel “the Voice” was announced on December 30. However, the results of the audience voting continue to be discussed online which day in a row, and the passions and did not think to decrease. Many do not hide their disappointment that the viewers have made their choice in favor of Daria Antonyuk, believing that the only worthy winner of “the Voice” is Alexander Panayotov. The singer, recall, took second place.

      Alexander Panayotov criticized the final results show of “the Voice”

      Among those who decided to support the famous singer and producer Maxim Fadeev. He believes Panayotov number one. The opinion of the author of hits expressed in the microblog, by publishing a fragment of a video recording of a performance of the singer in the finals of “the Voice”.

      “Of course, in my opinion, this guy is an absolute winner of “the Voice”. The rest will leave without comment! But then again, you’re accusing me of raising the temperature in the volcano. What do you think and why?” – decided to learn the opinion of the subscribers of Maxim Fadeev.

      Your post producer provoked a heated discussion on the topic of participation in the project “the Voice” is already well-known performers, with their army of fans. Many said genuinely hurt and worried for Alexander Panayotov, as a person with a rare vocal gift, and hoped that he will get the victory. Others said that the singers held the road shows have to close to give the opportunity to open to the public brand new names.

      “He’s already an accomplished artist and for a long time, and Dasha super”, “Alexander Panayotov was already in the project and their moment of glory received”, “Panayotov talented, no doubt! But there is no naturalness, as Antoniuk. And the viewer wants the authenticity, power and beauty. All this is more than God measured out this girl. I would very much like to sing… And the guy singing, and without a producer will not. But the talent in the face of Antoniuk need help”, “I was initially against Panayotov and very happy that he won. It’s not fair to the other parties to come to the competition already established fan base. Not arguing that he’s incredibly talented, but to go to “the Voice” for it was the simplest push for further progress. But already quite a famous man himself must work to do, and then the recognition will come”, “Panayotov already had their finest hour. I think the victory of Daria Antonyuk deserved”, – such opinion was expressed by the subscribers of Maxim Fadeev.