Максим Аверин решил устроить себе двойной отпуск
Before the beginning of the next working season, the actor will rest in the two countries.

Maxim Averin

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The other day Maxim Averin ends the block the filming of the sixth season of the TV series “Sklifosovsky” (channel Russia) about the everyday life of the charismatic surgeon and womanizer Oleg Bragin. At the moment only filmed nine series of sixteen stated. The remaining seven script is not even written.

Released in the work schedule time Averin decided to use for vacation.

Next week, the actor will fly away for a week in Turkey, one of the resorts, far from popular tourist routes. There is almost no stop our compatriots and guests of the hotel ensure maximum privacy.

Averin never denies the fans in a group photo or autograph, but the holiday wants to spend exclusively with yourself.

Then in August, the actor will go on holiday in Montenegro, together with the families of Agrippina Glazing and Anna Yakunina. The actors are friends for over twenty years and rest are often chosen together. And to celebrate the New year and to spend January vacation in the exotic countries they have long been a tradition. Over the years the friendship company visited Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Maldives and many other resorts.

In Montenegro friends would also not for the first time.