Звезда «Игры престолов» купил для любимой дом
Kit Harington decided to settle with rose Leslie in the Outback.

Kit Harington and rose Leslie


As it became known, plays a major role in the cult series,
have chosen to live together with his girlfriend rose Leslie estate in the East of Britain. Kit Harington is willing to pay for the new property almost two and a half million

Keith ready to fork out for such a solid
the sum is not accidental — he was convinced that in the selected region, the actor, tired
off and chase him, paparazzi would be guaranteed a quiet and peaceful life. Local
people are very excited at the prospect that their edges located such stars: they
I hope that the appearance will attract celebrities and other wealthy
buyers and raise property prices.

As for kit Harington, he
paying with the current owner, will be
the owner of the old mansion, built in the 15th century, and surrounded, instead of the fence, a real ditch in the medieval
style. And besides the main house, surrounding land 3
acres, a tennis court, croquet, barn… also,
the main house which has 7 bedrooms, attached outbuilding for guests.

Buying such a large mansion,
Harrington is clearly aimed at the fact that to acquire offspring. That he
looking for a U.K. house in the countryside, Keith said in an interview in
June of this year. Then he announced that he was going to move in with his
my girlfriend is rose. However, honestly, Jaringan, he and Leslie for some time live together.

Among other things, learned about his statement, Nicole Kidman, who, like Keith was invited on a TV show The Late Late Show, on the rights
older colleagues chided Keith. “Of course it is great that you live
together. But when you finally marry her? Before he ripped her in
your house could even propose to her!” — she reprimanded a 30-year-old actor

Recall that novel
Leslie and Harington began in 2012, when they starred together in “the Game
of thrones”. And last year, Keith has officially admitted his relationship with Leslie.