Макс Барских признался в серьезной зависимости Artist trying to forget an unhappy love. Max Barsky said that he had to face in life with pain and disappointment. He tried to fix the situation, drinking alcohol and illegal substances, but they did not bring the desired relief.
Макс Барских признался в серьезной зависимости

Popular singer Max Barsky tries openly communicate with fans. He regularly talks about his life and shares his memories. The artist has to think about what is happening in modern society – he believes that technology has become harder to displace personal communication. But most of all, the musician is upset that, in his opinion, love disappears. Max admitted that his life was a difficult time, when the pain of shattered illusions, he tried to lose myself in all possible ways.

“Frankly, I’m often wrong and looking for love where there is none. Disillusioned, like many, I came away from reality with alcohol and even drugs. But salvation did not come”, – said Barsky.

However, the man was able to Express feelings and emotions in art. Recently, he presented a new track “My love”. The artist calls this composition a part of the personal diary.

“This song is about despair and hope, faith and unbelief, the victory of the present over the about. She wasn’t supposed to be in the album “Mists” and even more so to become a single, but I decided differently. Because I wanted to give this song to everyone who, remaining alone with himself, asks the question: “am I happy?” and falls asleep all alone, even if in bed he’s not alone. It is often the case that this presence is only physical,” says the artist.

Fans of the musician was flattered that the release of a new song he was accompanied by such a detailed description of the feelings which filled his soul during its creation. “What beautiful words and what they mean”, “Just brought tears to words written by you, just life. Thank you for so many beautiful songs, performed you”, “totally agree with you. Thank you for being there and helping with their songs in difficult moments,” wrote the enthusiastic fans.

Now max Barskih 27 years. Young people are not yet thinking about starting a family, as it seeks to exert maximum effort to achieve success in your career. However, the artist does not set itself any limits – he understands that when you meet a soulmate, he will be able to combine career and personal life. Max Barsky: “it is increasingly difficult to find a soul mate”