Max Barskih got on the hospital bed

Макс Барских попал на больничную койку
The famous singer Max Barsky also popular far beyond the borders of our country.

Макс Барских попал на больничную койку

The other day the singer was to give a concert in Melle, in the German city, but never did get. At the airport Max felt ill and even fainted.

So the decision was made about his urgent hospitalization.

Макс Барских попал на больничную койку

“Sometimes, our plans fall apart: it is with great regret that I write this post and say that the concert in Melle, Germany, will be held at the state of my health. Almost every day during the month, we exchange energies at concerts, but sometimes the power goes and need to make a short pause to save up them and to move on.

I and my team will do everything we can to see a concert in Melle took place before the end of this year. As for the other performances and recitals, they will be held according to the posters in your cities! After a couple of days I will be in the ranks again and will be able to share their love and music,” the artist reassured fans.

Of course is to take more seriously their health and sometimes to rest.

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