Мэтт Деймон в Австралии наступил на питона: чем все обернулось

Мэтт Деймон в Австралии наступил на питона: чем все обернулось

Popular Hollywood actor Matt Damon recently visited my good friend, Chris Hemsworth, who lives in Australia. After a visit to another continent, Matt was invited on the show Ellen DeGeneres to learn impressions. It was on the show a celebrity said, as stepped on Python 2.5 meter length.

On the transfer of Damon revealed that he befriended an Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor. It happened in 2017, from that moment the stars quite often met as friends in Hollywood and Australia. As Chris year ago, he decided to leave his career as an actor, he moved to another continent and live fully there. So Matt had not once come to visit on leave to his colleague.

After returning from Australia this time Damon has admitted that this is the most dangerous continent of them all, where he had to visit. He always knew there you can meet different dangerous animals and is now convinced this is 100%. Once arriving at the beach, Matt stepped on a huge Python.

The actor remembered that they came with Chris to one of the beaches, nothing boded trouble. He opened the car door and stepped on a huge stick from a tree, at the time he thought so. But it turned out it was a real live Python.

According to celebrity, he more scared than the snake, she hadn’t even realized what happened, I did not notice any threat from the person. Matt in horror jumped from Python in her Slippers and ran far away, and the snake quietly went on his way along the beach. Damon also shared that Hemsworth is a native Aussie and constantly laughing with a friend. Chris noticed that he did nothing of the sort in his native country did not happen, but Matt does something like that happen constantly, as soon as he is in Australia.

Will be back if Matt Damon is still on this continent or not? Maybe he will decide to invite my new good friend to yourself on vacation?

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