Материнская щедрость: сколько будут стоить роды Седоковой, Довлатовой и Натали “StarHit” found mums-to-be prepare to meet with kids. Artist turned in the best clinics, where they will be surrounded with care, attention, and will also provide the most painless appearance of babies born.

      This spring, moms will be several Russian celebrities. 42-year-old Natalie, in April, pending the birth of third son, opted for the usual public hospital in the North of the capital.

      “First, the medical center is in my district, – says the singer “StarHit”. Is important because I need to get there quickly. Here I gave birth to a second son. Remember when seven years ago, waited a Bit, gave me the phone of the physician. Absentmindedly forgot to call him. And then the contractions started. Ironically, I was brought to her, Nina anatolevne. Now she is retired, but advised the young midwife, her successor. I have full confidence in these doctors. Foreign clinics had not even considered, why? As they say, houses and walls help”.

      Singer Natalie turned to the unborn baby

      Of course, the artist will prepare a private room with all amenities. “I have no common rider – smiles Natalie. – All the same what color is the Wallpaper. The main thing – reliability and professional hands.” Prenatal care costs the artist of 100 thousand rubles, the same amount will cost and delivery with an individual obstetrician-gynecologist.

      42-year-old radio presenter Alla Dovlatov was taken under the wing of one of the most renowned obstetricians of the capital mark Kurtser.

      “He offered me a delivery at Lapino, says “StarHit” Alla. – Daughter of Alexander too was born under the guidance of Mark Abramovich. However, then he is more practiced in the Perinatal medical center on Sebastopol. In Lapino amazing clinic, birth there like. I was shown a private room with all amenities and if possible, will provide double and that the baby was always there. During their stay in the clinic from Peter my parents will be here to look after older children.”

      Single chamber with the contract for delivery in medical center, by the way, cost about 400 thousand rubles. This is one of the most expensive and star clinics of the capital. Here have recently become mothers, the singer Pelageya, the skater Tatiana Volosozhar and actress Oksana Akinshina. Prices are much higher than in the average hospital.

      But Anna Sedokova prefer to all Ukrainian and Russian clinics Sunny Los Angeles. Now she is eight months pregnant in late April – early may, the light will be her third child. Pregnant Anna Sedokova hinted at marriage

      “It’s a boy – I said to Anya “StarHit”. – My daughter is really looking forward to brother”. Sedokova has already signed a contract with one of the most famous clinics of America Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a third of which was Kim Kardashian, Milla Jovovich and Alsou. Baby here cost 2 million rubles, and newborns provide everything – diapers, diapers, vests. For young mothers is also freedom – right in a two-bedroom house they are ready to send even manicure and pedicure.