Married Russell Crowe had an affair with the widow of his friend

Женатый Рассел Кроу закрутил роман с вдовой своего друга
The actor insulted the memory of “crocodile Hunter”.

Женатый Рассел Кроу закрутил роман с вдовой своего друга

Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin


Steve Irwin daughter


told the Australian press, the 42-year-old Russell Crowe seriously interested in Terry
Irwin, the widow of naturalist and TV presenter Steve Irwin, better known as
“The hunter for crocodiles”.

In fact, Terry and Russell have been acquainted for a very long time. Exactly Crowe helped the woman
his friend cope with grief befell her. 10 years ago Steve Irwin,
who became famous as the Creator of numerous films about wildlife, tragically
died during the filming. He was the victim of a huge Stingray, which
literally pierced Steve thorn. And Russell, a longtime friend of Irwin’s, comforted his widow
and helped take care of the two children of the deceased friend, Bindi, now
17 years old, and Robert, who celebrated this year its 12th birthday.
And gradually the friendship of Russell and Terry
developed into a romantic relationship.

At first the lovers hide their affair.
But lately they are not afraid to appear in public together and leave for
their pages in social networks declarations of love to each other. And it was
would be great if Crowe was still a married man in any
the case, formally.

Danielle Spencer — the mother of his sons Charles and Tennyson — he played in
2003. Four years ago Russell and his wife decided that it is better to live
separately, however, divorce was not only brought to an end,
but more than that, as you say, frozen. And Crowe has repeatedly said that he would like
back to Danielle. Besides,
the situation is complicated by the fact that Irwin was known in Australia as a
advocate of family values. And according to friends of Stephen, he came
would be aghast at the fact that Terry’s affair with a married man…

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