Marriage with Prokhor Chaliapin brought Larisa Kopenkina suffering

Брак с Прохором Шаляпины принес Ларисе Копенкиной страдания Businesswoman suffering from fame. Larissa Kopenkina admitted that fame had caused her some inconvenience. The woman worries that many perceive it not as it really is.

      The graduate of “factory of stars” Prokhor Chaliapin in 2013 decided to take his beloved wife Larisa Kopenkina. Despite the age difference, the lovers seemed to be completely happy. At that time the public seemed divided into two camps – one supported misalliance, and others condemned their relationship. Despite the fact that Prochorus and Larissa claimed the whole country of the sincerity of their feelings, a year after the wedding, Chaliapin left Kopenkina to Anna Kalashnikova. Now businesswoman realized that marriage with the musician brought her not only fame. Larissa Kopenkina divorced with Prokhor Chaliapin

      “I had more problems, believe me. Unfortunately, sometimes they write about me all sorts of nasty things. People don’t even seek to understand that I am to communicate with me. Very sad that we love fried facts – and the worse to treat a person, the higher the interest. Only recently starting to see me as someone besides his ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin. But I’m not what I show in the talk show. I am very cheerful, can laugh like a child. I know what pain is, what sadness. I much in this life and has passed,” said Kopenkina.

      Larissa said that fame was a burden for her. To the novel with the singer businesswoman felt happier than now. Kopenkina was tired of being constantly in the public eye. Criticized for her choice of clothing and demeanor, although the woman believes that it owes nothing to anyone and has the right to do what he wants.

      Despite the enemies being mean to Larissa for any reason, it has acquired many fans. She keeps in touch with them and share their experiences.

      “I left all social networks, in addition to “Instagram” – I call it the “one Hundred grams”. And on Facebook, “Vkontakte” I just don’t have time. Now I’m “Instagram” for women so that every girl and woman believe in herself. She realized that life does not end either in 30 or 40 or 60 years. I believe every woman is simply obliged to be happy! Really want men to take responsibility for women. I’m all for the institution of family and marriage, do not recognize the relationship. Unfortunately, not all think so, and sometimes I want to cry, to be honest,” said Kopenkina with the edition “”.