Брак Татьяны Навки пройдет проверку на прочность
The skater picked up a new partner.

Tatiana Navka

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Family life Tatiana Navka soon a little complicated. Recently it became known that the skater will take part in the new season of the “Ice age”. After a two year hiatus the show returns to the screens of viewers. Partner Tatiana will be the star of KVN, and nowadays the actor of Moscow art theatre. Chekhov’s Andrey Burkovsky.

Ahead of Tatiana and Andrei waiting for the daily hours of training, which, as recognized by the former participants of ice show, left little time for a personal life. However, this ” likely to handle it without problems, because it is always distinguished by the unique performance. The hard work does not prevent her to have time to pay enough attention and little daughter Nadia and her husband.

“It seems to me that if the person is important to the family, in any situation find time for their loved ones. I am constantly with kids. In Sochi, where I have to work all summer with my younger daughter. Of course, with her husband (August 1, 2015 she is married to Dmitry Peskov. — Approx. ed.). seldom met, but we understood that this is temporary for some period. So I have everything under control,” said Tatiana in an interview 7days.ru.

By the way, in Sochi Tatiana had not only to work out more than a dozen sold-out shows in the ice part of the musical “Carmen”, but also to show off at a music festival “New Wave”. By the way, one evening, the Pastor took to the concert two years Nadia.