Marriage johnny Depp can declare null and void

Брак Джонни Деппа могут объявить недействительным
Reporters have unearthed the secrets of the past, amber heard.

Брак Джонни Деппа могут объявить недействительным

Johnny Depp

Photo: Zuma/TASS

In the history of divorce johnny Depp and amber heard
there are new shocking details. Reporters unexpectedly failed
to unearth documents showing that before the actress became
lawful wife, johnny and bisexual amber was married to his
girlfriend Tasya van REE. Moreover, it turns out, the actress even changed her name —
in some official documents she was
recorded as “amber Wang Ri”.

For johnny this story is a real gift. The thing is,
however, existence of such lawyer-class, as his attorney, Laura Wasser, maybe
the actor will be able to achieve not divorce, but annulment. And in this case,
regardless, it is proven that Depp is beating his wife or no, when
she is divorced she will not receive a penny of his fortune! Except that the judge will appoint a penalty for the act
domestic violence”…

Among other things, the annulment of marriages in Hollywood — a fairly common practice. This way ended their marriages
Charlie sheen (talking about his first marriage), Renee Zellweger (her marriage to Kenny chesney),
Milla Jovovich (her first marriage), Pamela Anderson (the first of her two marriages to Rick Salomon)…

Incidentally, at the moment, Hollywood was split into schisms
into two camps — because of the scandal with amber. Some celebrities, such as
actress Amanda Le Cadena and star of the TV series “the Office” — Raine Wilson have no doubt that Depp used to beat his wife.
However, two very well-knowledgeable Depp women — his legal wife first
Lori Anne Allison and the civil wife of actor Vanessa Paradis said: they don’t believe
he could raise a hand against a woman. They were joined by buddy johnny
Mickey Rourke. He, too, reacted with disbelief to the accusations made by amber heard. To
also, supposedly, there is also the report of the police, called to the scene
the occurrence, after the scandal in which it is said that the police have not found
convincing evidence of the beating and decided not to prosecute.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Zuma/TASS

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