Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году Secret ceremony have become a real trend among celebrities. “StarHit” remember those who recently got married, concealing it from the General public. In our collection – details of the celebrations, which no one was supposed to know.

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      Not all celebrities dream to turn their marriage into a public holiday with photographers, journalists and many other strangers. Some still prefer the quiet chamber of the wedding away from prying eyes, abroad, away from the hustle and bustle. In recent months it has become a real trend among the stars. A large part of the newlyweds can easily be enlisted in the ranks of the marriage agent 007, after all, they were able to conceal not only the location and details of the celebration, but the fact of the marriage.

      TV presenter Kate Susan and businessman Oleg Vinnik

      Date: July 2016

      Location: Seychelles

      In July of this year, the news presenter “House-2” on TNT has posted in Instagram a photo with the ring on the ring finger and made a modest caption: “Happy day”. Soon Susan told that Oleg Vinnik made her an offer of marriage in the Seychelles, where she arrived for work. Katya came to the Islands for filming of the reality show “Dom-2” and beloved has decided to keep her company – rented a house, bought tickets… turns out, it was all for a reason – it is on the island of love winnick expected once again to admit the Juju of love and offer to become his wife. But the lovers were in no hurry to disclose details.

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году“Now we are not ready to comment because of the reaction online and off,” Kate explained in an interview. – Under my photo so much to write… Let the people calm down a little, and in a week I will tell you all the details. I have many beautiful photos of the ceremony will soon show! And the wedding will take place in Moscow. To date we have not yet decided”.
      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      And just a few weeks, August 8, Kate Susan posted a photo of the Church. Under the picture was the caption: “God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two eyes to see, two ears to hear but why only one heart? Second heart gave another order for us to find. #Metodlari #Veineuse”.

      Judging by the photos, the ceremony was held in a Catholic Cathedral. Kate chose a modest white sundress, and Oleg was in a plain white t-shirt. Remains a mystery, did the lovers to make the relationship according to the Russian legislation. It is possible that they decided to postpone the official ceremony, it’s still less than a year after the crash in Sinai, which killed his wife and children winnik. Kate Susan stood up for her husband

      Singer Pelageya and hockey player, Ivan Telegin

      Date: 16 Jun 2016

      Place: Moscow

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      On the novel of the singer and the athlete became known this spring. On offer Pelagia immediately said Yes: “From the moment she removed the engagement ring with a diamond of several carats, but was in no hurry to shout about the status of the bride. Quietly came to the games, made friends with all the wives of hockey players” – said Valery, a friend of the family.

      The wedding took place on June 16 in Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital. The bride was in an elegant dress with lace inserts from Galia Lahav. It costs about $9 thousand. After painting, the couple went to the restaurant Chester Ferry on the ruble. Invited were few – only the closest friends and relatives

      “Were Lera Kudryavtseva and Igor Makarov,” says restaurant Manager Andrew. The wedding was intimate. A few tables and the Presidium of the newlyweds was decorated with flowers. Sang only the bride. We are all created for comfort: lake, pool, security everywhere. “Close” we are only at the order of 1 million rubles, 100 thousand for services.

      At the ceremony guests were served profiteroles with salmon and Philadelphia cheese, scallops “Saint Jacques”, seafood. The celebration ended after midnight, all donated flowers had to be removed on several cars. After the ceremony the couple departed on a honeymoon on the Greek island of Santorini. And it soon became known that Pelagia is preparing to become a mother. Pregnant Pelagia is preparing to leave in the mountains. PHOTO

      Member of the band Uma2rman Sergey Kristovskiy and actress Natalia Zemtsova

      Date: 13 Jun 2016

      Place: Marbella, Spain

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      The newlyweds are not scared of the number thirteen both, despite all signs, believe him happy. For the bride this was the first wedding for the groom for the third. They met four years ago, but was in no hurry to formalize the relationship, to speed up the event could not even a child – in 2014 the couple had a son Ivan. But this summer, Sergey and Natalia finally decided on this crucial step. They first registered the relationship in one of capital registry offices, and later went to relax with friends in the Spanish town of Marbella.

      “We wanted to celebrate modestly – admitted Zemtsova after the wedding in one interview, But when told to friends, they found us the organizer… I’m a man — I love the holidays. We, of course, was not a direct wedding wedding. Without money, without rice in her hair.”

      Instead of the traditional white dress the bride chose an outfit of black color with lace top and full skirt, Sergei, too, was all dark, with a boutonniere of delicate flowers. Three-tiered wedding cake was covered with black and white frosting, decorated with silhouettes of Marbella and Moscow, and at the very top was adorned with the initials of the newlyweds.

      Hockey player Evgeni Malkin and TV presenter Anna Kosterova

      Date: may 2016

      Location: USA

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      They hid for a long time relationship, and only in December 2014, Anne admitted in an interview: “I didn’t want hype, gossip. We’re just good together. For those interested: “all right, we’re together a plan to celebrate the New year. All other details of our personal lives affect only us.”

      For many months Anna was torn between Moscow, where she had family and work, and the States, where he plays lover. Malkin also admitted that ready for a serious relationship and wants to be a father. “I believe that we can provide for himself, and the girl,” – said hockey player. Why because according to the contract with the Eugene club “Pittsburgh Penguis”, he earns $ 9.5 million annually.

      Anna, after much deliberation, also chose the relationship. In November 2015, it became known that Malkin took a sweetheart offer. As it turned out later, this was a significant reason – they were waiting for replenishment. The firstborn son of Eugene and Anna was born on 31 may this year, the boy was named Nikita. That the day before they were married, it became known casually – Kosterova changed his status on the social network.

      “Yes, we did register our relationship with Eugene a week ago, – has shared Anna with “StarHit”. – Decided to get married in America, and to marry later. With the country not yet decided. Not up to it”.

      Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and model Anastasia Subsky

      Date: August 2016

      Place: Moscow

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      Last spring, the hockey player has posted in his blog a photo of Anastasia Subsky, the daughter of actress and Director Vera Glagoleva, and touching signed the picture: “My girl, thank you that you came into my life. Cherish you”. According to his friends, they know each other for a long time. Close began to communicate only in early 2015. In January, Anastasia and his family vacationed in the UAE, where she almost drowned and hurried to write about it in Instagram. Sasha asked her about health, and they began to correspond. Later was found. And so began their affair.

      In September, the hockey player decided to make a favorite proposal of marriage. A month before he booked a hall in the restaurant-yacht “Chaika”, secretly invited about 30 family and friends. In short, the athlete pre-planned everything to the smallest detail.

      Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky: a love story and details of the engagement

      “In the morning he allegedly went to an important meeting, saying he did not know when he will be freed,” says the bride. – I was doing household chores, and then the doorbell rang. Open – Sasha is on one knee with a huge bouquet and a stunning ring! I surprise and tenderness of the moment cried. Everything was like a movie.”

      Even then, Subsky planned the celebration. “Before the wedding will wedding – shared Nastya with “StarHit”. – Get married after the end of the sports season in July-August 2016. In Moscow or abroad – is now solved. Details of the occasion we have not discussed, but the dress I will choose from the collections of Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab.

      They did so quietly married in late August in Moscow. 28 Aug in Instagram Alexander Ovechkin appeared the –both of the lovers on the ring finger wedding ring. Under the picture was only a modest signature: “This is happiness”. Anastasia took her husband’s name.

      Actor Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova

      Date: September 2016

      Location: painted in Russia, celebration in Italy

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      Andrew proposed to Diana back in 2014 in Venice. The lovers planned that the ceremony will be secret, the bride didn’t want a white dress or a classic triumph. But the marriage, unfortunately, did not take place.

      At the end of July 2015 Andrew started to feel even worse, he was disturbed by a cough, swollen neck, I felt weak actor all blamed on a cold and fatigue. When it became difficult to breathe, had to go to the doctors. He was diagnosed with cancer, lymphoma of the mediastinum. Treatment Hagolan was held in a German clinic, and in the winter returned to Moscow. All this time Diane would like to support a loved one. They bravely endured this ordeal. Andrew Hagolan: “the Illness changed me, I realized the real price of life”

      But at the end of March came the news that the lovers decided to leave. Under the shared photo in Instagram Diana wrote: “he Opened his eyes and the first thing I thought, “What next?” Where to start… Uncertainty is scary. Scared to go out of the comfort zone and stability. You need to learn how to solve problems and to be ready for anything. Become stronger and not afraid to descend into the real world. But something tells me that all will be well.”

      Allegedly after an emotional argument Andrew gathered his things and left the apartment, where Diana lived. But when emotions had subsided, the lovers are reconciled and, as it turned out, began again to prepare for the wedding. They formalized the relationship in a Moscow registry office. There Hagolan and ochilova came in jeans and white shirts, without witnesses. But after a few days, the couple flew to Italy, where he celebrated the happy event in the company of close friends.

      Presenter Helen Volatile and businessman Yuri Anashenkov

      Date: 20 August 2016

      Location: Santorini, Greece

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      About the engagement pair became known on 15 February this year. Speaking of favorite with journalists, presenter repeatedly noted, that all can rely on him and I’m sure they can create a happy and strong family.

      “Nowadays, a lot of emancipated ladies, who pulled the blanket over herself. I don’t want! Always thought that the man must be the backbone of any family as my dad. In this respect, I am an absolute woman” – confessed Lena in an interview with “StarHit”.

      A few days before the wedding Volatiles were having a hen party, which was prepared two months. Dearest friends, invited presenter in the presidential Suite of the Lotte hotel in Central Moscow. The theme is “men in white”. All rooms rooms have been decorated with white balloons, flowers, invited the girls were dressed according to this dress code.

      The wedding itself was held in a few days. Lena and Yuri decided to hold a celebration abroad – both didn’t want too much attention to this event that they wanted to share only with each other. So the lovers went to the Greek island of Santorini.

      When Volatile and Anashenkov said the vows, and the happy event has already taken place, the presenter shared the news in his microblog. Fans were in awe of wedding celebrity dresses from Vera Wang. A little later, Lena showed another wedding dress. “This little bride wedding dress and shoes with a bouquet. Without a wedding swimsuit in this case not do!” – signed Bat photo by the pool. After the ceremony, in Santorini, the couple went on honeymoon to the Maldives.


      Date: 1 September 2016

      Place: Saint Petersburg

      Брачные агенты: 9 звездных пар, которые тайно поженились в этом году

      Their relationship began three years ago. For the sake of new beloved athlete left behind a wife and three children. In the fall of 2013 on the ring finger sweetheart of the footballer appeared in the ring with an impressive diamond.

      And on 1 September 2016 in one of the salons of St. Petersburg Andrey and Alisa formalized the relationship. Next to them was only the daughter and the son of Catimini from his first marriage, relatives and closest friends. The bride was in a modest white silk dress, its fitted silhouette emphasized rounded belly. Wife of Andrei Arshavin is expecting a baby

      Alice decided to take her husband’s name. After the wedding, she admitted to “StarHit”: “I think we have our actions on 1 September showed everyone and everything. Having gone through all the persecution, we are happy.”

      Immediately after the wedding the couple went to honeymoon in Sochi, where they chose one of the closed hotels, the coast – Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA.

      “The bride and groom liked a distant body is “Villa”. – It has few rooms, and he, unlike the main building, decorated in bright colors, said “StarHit” at the hotel. – Apartments are booked footballer, two – storey, with some of the best. The cost per day of 71 thousand rubles.”

      The founder newsreel “jumble” Boris Grachevsky and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky

      Date: 13 Feb 2016

      Location: Mauritius island

      Boris made an offer to the 31-year-old actress and singer Ekaterina Belotserkovsky in the day of her birth, on the eve of 2016. The girl accepted the ring and said Yes. Their romance became known in September last year.

      Kate played a small role of a singer in the film grachevskogo Between the notes, or Tantric Symphony of love”. At the premiere of paintings by Boris Belotserkovsky introduced as his beloved and declared a hostess. From that moment the pair began to appear more frequently at social events.

      As reported by friends of the couple, 13 February at one of the salons of the capital, Boris and Katya had allegedly formalized their relationship. After a secret wedding the couple flew to the island of Mauritius, where we had a beautiful ceremony. “I’m not in Russia. Thank you for your congratulations,” – said Boris to the greetings of “StarHit”.