Александр Домогаров обижен на Ивана Урганта The actor did not understand humorous clip of a famous TV presenter. Alexander Domogarov saw the release of the program “Evening Urgant”, which was released in 2015. In a short sketch mentioned his name, which caused anger among movie stars.

      Famous Russian actor Alexander Domogarov counts as an active user of social networks. On their pages in the Internet, he talks about the performances or places links to the materials on it. Alexander accidentally saw the video from the program “Evening Urgant” published in February 2015. This video has caused a surge of negative emotions in Domogarova.

      In the sketch “gentlemen, comrades” the sailor turns to the representative of another social class, played Urgant, asked to explain what the book that he was given. He hands the hero Ivan is a work of El James “50 shades of grey”, which made a lot of noise last year. After studying the cover, Urgant said: “Exactly Domogarov gave. He’s not bad advice. A very popular book among masochists”.

      The mention of the names in such a context, angered the actor, he left an angry post on his page on the social network told the story of his name and lamented the fact that the show Urgant goes on the First channel.

      “Masochist, the Red room! Comfortable sofa! What else we can say about me? Apparently, the views of the channel has changed. Mr. Urgant! Thank you, dear moderator, you are an amazing person! I admire you! Without artists, which never invites and kill work that dedicated two years of his life. Please give this reading to the recipients. I wonder how you, Lord, omniscient in all corporate events of the world with all the oligarchs then joked about Sorge, but it is also the First channel. Again, you do not invite me to the “Evening Urgant”, it was clear to all. You’ve never been asked. The cause is unknown, apparently, my voice doesn’t fit in the “bucket rock stars”, I had done little in his way, or I’m shit. Yes, there was my pictures, was the mention of my name etc. But the situation is not very honest and truthful my name was submitted as a household name! And these are my parents and my family, I’m sorry!”, – wrote the actor.

      According to Alexander, his father, Yuri L. Domogarov listed in the ranks of the Heroes of the great Patriotic war. “When I was at drama school, his father was old. So I’ve made all by myself and without the “hairy hand” how it is “supposed to”. I came all this way alone. And you humiliate me so, sir Urgant,” said Domogarov in his post. The actor admitted that he rarely allows himself such records, but it brought “the dismissive tone and rudeness”, which he saw in the video.