Марк Розовский готовится к суду со студенткой, обвинившей его в изнасиловании The Director commented on the situation. He denies all rumors that he was having an affair with Fatima Abaskuliyeva. Mark Rozovsky admits the offense is there. However, the artist delays the process.
Марк Розовский готовится к суду со студенткой, обвинившей его в изнасиловании

Some time ago, Fatima Abaskuliyeva became the heroine of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. As claimed by the actress and former student Mark Rozovsky, he molested her and also forced to enter into an intimate relationship. She was silent for 12 years, but then decided to tell frankly. The story caused a stir abroad, showed the Russian the Actresses that sometimes it is not necessary to hide the facts of the rape.

“When the harassment started talking Hollywood stars, the strength to be silent no more. Why I tolerated this for six years and did not quit? Why, after leaving, about the same number waited, to tell the truth? Suffered, because I thought life is shit. Thought well was caught and corrupted once, far off my back, because I worked very hard. Thought he had enough pity to me, not to touch me, it’s already got what he wanted. But he was humiliated, brought to tears, provocations,” said Fatima.

In addition, victims of sexual harassment and blackmail from the Director of the theater allegedly became his former student Oksana Lanskaya and Faith Barvinsky and actress Yekaterina Kmit.

The actress of the theater Mark Rozovsky has accused him of sexual harassment

Mark G. doesn’t go on air and pays no attention to the girl. However, the theatre guru does not exclude that in the future will file a lawsuit.

“I supposed that this topic is not going. I’m not going to go to court in the future – maybe. You have to consult with lawyers, because the offense is there, but I just don’t want to uplift the dirt,” he said to journalists.

From the point of view of lawyers Rozovsky has all the chances to even win the process, because all the Statute of limitations for prosecution has passed. Fatima believes that the Rozovsky has no place in the theatre.

“He does not come to the ethers, because he’s afraid to say something wrong, he knows that’ll just embarrass yourself. If this is old, let him retire and gorgeous actress Irina L. Morozova, who works in the theater since its inception, all listen to her, especially the actor’s youth. Or in place of the Rozovsky can be assigned people’s artist of Russia Valery Sheiman,” – said “Interlocutor” a former student of Mark Grigorievich.