Марион Котийяр расстроена обвинениями в причастности к разводу Джоли и Питта

French actress Marion Cotillard was “absolutely devastated” by the news from overseas about the fact that her partner on the film “Allies” Brad pitt is divorcing his wife Angelina Jolie, and even more – if you believe the rumors, she herself is accused of alienation of affection.

Марион Котийяр расстроена обвинениями в причастности к разводу Джоли и Питта
“Marion and Guillaume Canet are very happy. The shooting of the film completed, and they enjoy relaxing with their favorite boy, and accusations of involvement in the divorce, Jolie and pitt must be willing. Rumors about their Nonsense adultery literally devastated her. This story is all about it,” said the insider close to the family of Marion and Guillaume.
From the moment Cotillard gave birth to her son Marcel (the boy is now five years old), she closed her private life from prying, and recently even stated that he wants to leave the cinema to do “normal peaceful life”. Involvement in the divorce Joliette – not what she wanted, and this whole thing caused her shock.
This year she starred in four films and dreamed of a film career break in order to spend more time with family. And eyed the French reporters generally considered it “rounded tummy” during the recent premiere of the tape, and already had all bragged about the second pregnancy of Marion.
But at the same time, if Cotillard doesn’t believe the gossip that Angelina was struck by a film crew last sliver of pitt’s “Allies”. Appearing on the set, Jolie completely ignored the partner of her husband.

Марион Котийяр расстроена обвинениями в причастности к разводу Джоли и Питта
“Angelina didn’t even look in the direction of Marion, and when she tried to talk to her, just looked the other way.. Marion was very upset, she did nothing to deserve this attitude. She wanted to see this vaunted goodwill Ambassador and saw a jealous woman” — said an eyewitness.
Meanwhile, insiders insist that it is not necessary to look for a woman in divorce Jolie and pitt.

“Angelina desperately tried to save their marriage and feelings, but she just dropped his hands. The last time she was deeply unhappy in the marriage. They just went separate ways. Angie wanted more time to devote to humanitarian missions, while Brad is stuck in the Hollywood life and was going through some type of midlife crisis. The last thing she said to him before filing for a divorce: “I can’t go on to live” — said the source.
Recall that Brad already commented on the decision of his wife to divorce him and said that he was now very hard and the main task of his and wife – to save the happiness of their six children.