Alena Vodonaeva has forgiven the nanny, utopische her phone

Алена Водонаева простила няню, утопившую ее телефон

A few days ago Alain Vodonaevu captured the violent attack of anger. It happened not just. The trigger was a misdemeanor domestic staff telestroke star of “House-2” — the nanny of the son of Vodonaevoy washed her phone, which contained very valuable information.

On his page in Instagram Alena sparing of words painted the whole situation and complained that the high salary she can’t afford to surround yourself with professionals, who do not allow themselves such mistakes.

Vodonaeva asked his followers for advice on how to punish a babysitter, because in this situation, obviously, could not think rationally.

Many wrote that the cost of the phone it is necessary to deduct from the salaries of the mountain of the employee, while others offered not to punish the nurse to the fullest extent, he stood up for the woman and asked her to spare.

Perhaps fans of Vodonaevoy was able to change the anger to mercy, and she forgave the nurse: “everybody is asking me about what I eventually decided with the nanny is fired or fined. For my nanny, I pray the second day and now to help solve it problems that occurred in her family. Including financial. And I don’t care how much it will cost. I’m not leaving her. If only all was well 🙏 Life puts everything in its place. And often plays with us only according to their rules.”

What are the problems in question Vodonaeva said. But, apparently, they were the reason for her absentmindedness, where the phone Vodonaevoy and was buried in a washing machine.