Марион Котийяр превратилась в «инстаграмщицу»

Marion Cotillard is still considered true French beauty. This actress has combined elegance, glamour and appeal, some do not have many other representatives of industry. On the eve Cotillard shocked his followers and his change in appearance. The star of “Allies” has changed markedly and became more like an ordinary “victim of instagram”.

Марион Котийяр превратилась в «инстаграмщицу»

The actress, who was previously distinguishable from the many thanks to their French identity, obeyed the monotonous Hollywood standards of beauty.

Now Marion makes lips “duck”, trying to emphasize the expressiveness of the cheekbones, large eyes and a plunging neckline.

“To be… or not to be” — signed Marion photograph, which featured all the favorite poses Insta-fashionistas, facial expressions and camera angles some of the girls.

Марион Котийяр превратилась в «инстаграмщицу»

While some lamented on the fact that Cotillard will never be the same, others understood what was going on and rushed to tell others.

Most likely, such a “transformation” was done in order to advertise the film husband actress Guillaume Canet “Rock and roll”, the world premiere of which took place last month.

In this Comedy Marion and Guillaume play themselves, but in slightly different versions.

By the way, here’s how he loving husband responded to the wife posts on the Network: “What funny comments and reactions to these photos… Well the truth is, Marion, why did you do it yourself?! Are you crazy?!?!?!”.

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