In the life of Angelina Jolie has a new man

В жизни Анджелины Джоли появился новый мужчина
Unknown companion of the actress had already done her first gift.

В жизни Анджелины Джоли появился новый мужчина

Paparazzi managed to photograph angelina Jolie , trailing his brakorazvodnoye process with brad pitt in
the company of an unidentified male. Jolie, who
located in Cambodia, where we arrived
at the premiere of her movie “First they killed my father”, not just once
was seen in the company of this mysterious stranger.

it was suggested that this is a new bodyguard star. However
sources close to the actress deny the fact that a new
the guard at Jolie. Besides, during the last appearance of Angelina in
the society of a stranger, he acted quite unusual for a “bodyguard”. It
accompanied the actress with children to the market where I bought in one of the pavilions for her and
one of the daughters of the actress is quite expensive gold bracelets. Mr. Seng Us
sold these decorations, vows that each of them was worth several hundred
dollars. Moreover, during shopping, Jolie, who was walking next to her
companion, mysteriously smiled and from time to time I touched his hands that
forced reporters to suspect the existence between the stranger and actress
informal relationships.

says the informant brad pitt, on seeing these pictures that appeared in
The network was outraged. Of course, he now not has any rights to dictate
Jolie with whom she meet. However, he did not like that
unknown already communicates with his children. While he himself
we have to settle for a rare meeting with his kids…