Marina Vlady in need of money

Марина Влади испытывает нужду в деньгах Recently the actress was 80 years old. She lives in Paris and rarely gives interviews. The widow of Vladimir Vysotsky spends most of his time in the circle of close friends and family.
Марина Влади испытывает нужду в деньгах

Andrey Gavrilovsky, the Ural businessman and devoted admirer of creativity of Vladimir Vysotsky, Marina Vladi visited a month ago. The businessman told how to spend their free time Muse of the bard and poet.

Vladi exquisitely arranged their homes in Paris, in the living room by French actress singing Canaries, and the bedroom is a stationary bike on which the Marina is busy every day. The widow of a musician planted under the Windows in a small garden birches. One-bedroom apartment she helped purchase just Andrey Gavrilovsky, the man explained his actions. Before the actress lived in a country house.

“To Paris, she had to go more than an hour. And Marina was not at that age. Lives alone in a mansion she can’t. When she found this apartment, it already had the Deposit. But the older woman Vladi learned: “My husband loved you very much. I can’t say no”. In the end, the Deposit was returned to the buyer, and the apartment sold the Marina. Although France is nonsense!” – shared an entrepreneur.
Марина Влади испытывает нужду в деньгах

Gavrilovskiy said that for his age, Marina Vlady looks great. The actress is not sitting on a diet, exercise regularly. Marina daily walks on the Paris streets.

“She’s really playful and prikolistka. I tried to call the son of a taxi in Paris, being away from Vladi. Phones did not work. And she says Vladik: “Go order from my computer”. He ordered. She approaches him and says strictly:”Well what? Everything I have watched? All downloaded?” The poor guy, he was confused. And she just made fun of him!” – shared an entrepreneur.

According to Gavrilov, Vlady money needed to help their children and grandchildren. The actress has three sons, whom she gave birth before meeting with Vysotsky. Igor and Peter appeared in their first marriage with actor Robert Ossana. The last heir, Vladimir was born to the artist from the second of the Union with the pilot Jean-Claude Brule.

“Creative guys, and creativity is earn? Peter musician, Igor already over 60, his health is not very. Vladimir engaged in fishing in Tahiti. On my boat goes into the ocean, caught fish are taken to the restaurants. He says when Russian tourists learn that he is the son of Marina Vlady, look at him as a God” – said Gavrilov.
Марина Влади испытывает нужду в деньгах

Gavrilovskiy said that the heirs of Vladimir Vysotsky from the first marriage, Arkady and Nikita’s relationship Vladi did not happen. Family always talked formally. But after the release of the film “Vysotsky. Thank you for living” the widow and sons of the famous bard cut the connection completely.

“Marina is outraged that her husband it portrayed a drug addict – says Andrey Gavrilovsky. I spoke with Nikita Vysotsky. He wanted to show young people that even a strong man like his father, could not cope with this plague. Marina did not understand,” – said Gavrilov.

It is worth noting that actress to this day is closely watching who and how performs songs of the deceased spouse.

“She likes the execution of Grigory Leps, and Polina Konkina on the show “the Voice” so all sang “wolf Hunting” steeper than any man! And Marina loves when friends read poems of Vladimir Semenovich. Sit, happened at a terrace, drinking tea. And she said, “Read!” the businessman says.
Марина Влади испытывает нужду в деньгах

Recently Vladi even more restricted circle. A trip to Russia Marina are planned.

“A few years ago, when the auction went down, they say, the stuff legends can’t be sold to the Marina came a girl. Presented a correspondent for Polish television, begging for an interview. Told her child is sick and she gets fired. And then it turned out that she was a Russian journalist, and everything Marina said, cut the pieces and used against her. I said, “Marina, Yes, spit, forget.” But she takes everything to heart, “No! They are the villains.” And even more there is “friends” Vysotsky. One famous artist said, “When my son was born, Vysotsky from his neck the cross was removed and put on him.” Well, nonsense! Vladimir was an atheist, the first cross plot for months before death. It is a well known fact!” – gavrilovskiy shared with “KP”.