Марина Могилевская потеряла отца Actress of theatre and cinema is going through a difficult loss — the death of her father. Marina Mogilevskaya has admitted that dad and her childhood was a difficult relationship, they were able to develop only recently.
Марина Могилевская потеряла отца

Marina Mogilevskaya was raised in a single-parent family – her parents divorced when she was three years old, after which mother and daughter moved to Dubna. The aspiring actress from childhood was curious and did well in school, hoping to enroll in MGIMO. But, having failed in the entrance examination decided to go to his father in Kiev, where he enrolled in the Institute of national economy, economist.

And today, as it became known “StarHit”, beloved dad of a movie star did not.

Mogilev has admitted that she really missed my dad as a child, but the experience of past years has allowed us to forget all past grievances and to establish a relationship with him – they met and vacationed together as a family. On education Oleg Mogilevsky was a theoretical physicist and lived in Kiev. His profession allowed him to work remotely, so he often stayed at the cottage with my daughter, spending time writing materials for magazines.

Марина Могилевская потеряла отца“Every visit for me, just the culture shock. Dad knows a lot, is exciting. As for boy trouble, the best advice I have. That’s how it is. Though, probably, difficulties in relationships with men I have because in my childhood with my mom was not the man’s shoulder. So I’ve never been able to build relationships,” admitted the actress.

Marina herself for the first time gave birth to a child only at age 40, now the long-awaited daughter Mary was 7 years old. For her, she tries to be a loyal friend and strongly involved in her life. Marina admits that just ten years dreamed of motherhood, and prayed to God that he sent her daughter.

The actress called the epitome of Slavic beauty and femininity, slightly fits into the concept of modern teledive. It almost appears at social events, not leading social network, and everyone spends more time at the cottage, which was his own built in the style of Provence.

By the way, Mogilev really likes to garden and gathers a great harvest of zucchini. Despite financial independence, popular actress periodically she sews for her daughter things.