Эвелина Бледанс назвала «придурками» авторов клипа «Быть Дауном» The Fund is a “Syndrome of love”, which is headed by Evelina Bledans, addressed an open letter to the Agency Booking Machine. The artists of the label have released a video called “to Be down”. The controversial movie deemed an insult to the feelings of parents whose children have a terrible disease.
Эвелина Бледанс назвала «придурками» авторов клипа «Быть Дауном»

A new scandal erupted in the Network – the increasingly popular rapper Loqiemean, artist label Booking Machine, which belongs to the rapper Oxxxymiron, has released a music video with the provocative title “to Be down”. Stylized clip, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the cult film “the Big Lebowski”, just three days gained over 600 thousand views on YouTube and almost four thousand comments.

Audience, which, in fact, was designed the video, took it with enthusiasm. However, the video seen not only fans of rap, but those who saw only one name – an insult to anyone diagnosed with down syndrome. Spoke out against the controversial video and the representatives of the Foundation “Syndrome of love”, which was founded by Evelina Bledans.

Эвелина Бледанс назвала «придурками» авторов клипа «Быть Дауном»“Releasing today a new video “to Be Down” live deliberately hurt you and hurt tens of thousands of families with children with down syndrome. You tomorrow and will continue to do so. Why? You are sufficiently educated and in that age when can be aware that people in difficult situations need help. Or, at least, not to touch them with his “creative” and “thoughtful marketing”, – said the representatives of the Foundation with an open letter.

Also the Fund’s representatives demanded to leave people with diseases alone and not use them for giving their lyrics depth, meaning and originality, and recommended to increase his popularity in other ways. “Do not think that you are in actual fact good people, easy craft you have,” summed up the defenders.

At the conclusion of the letter, the rappers were asked to help children with down syndrome through the Fund, but the downside has left the letter unanswered. “What idiots to pay any attention if they don’t understand,” expressed itself Bledans in conversation with Super.ru