Марину Александрову не узнал сын коллеги
The actress spoke about a funny case involving her heroine Catherine II.

Marina Aleksandrova in the film “Catherine. Rise”

For Marina Alexandrova in the role of the Russian Empress has become an iconic
in her career after the release of the first part of the story, the continuation of which “Catherine.
Take off” recently with great success on the TV channel “Russia”. The actress managed
so convincingly convey the image of the heroine that even children take it
for this historical figure. And sometimes under the most unexpected circumstances.

“It happened right after we finished shooting
the first part and planned to proceed to the second — recalls Marina. — I come to Church, service goes ahead,
with his back to me stands a man with a little boy on his hand, facing me. Suddenly you notice that the child
looks to me vylupiv eyes. Smile at him, and he was still more rounds of eye. I
already starting a little bit nervous: maybe did something wrong, and even in
Church, why are children looking at me like, what happened? The child whispers something
dad on the ear, that takes place — it was our picture Maxim
Of the plant. It turned out, little George whispered to him: “dad, Dad, there is a real
Catherine The Great!”. Max then laughed: “Thought so overworked that even
the son talks to me about the heroine!”

And as it turned out, the meeting Alexandrova and plant
the service was not accidental – they both have long come to this Church, and Marina,
before proceeding to the role of Catherine, took the Abbot of the temple took blessings.