Валерия Ланская вернулась в прошлое
The actress debuted in the musical “the circus Princess”.

Valeria Lanskaya in the musical “the circus Princess”

Photo: press service of the Theater of Musical

Valeria Lanskaya, who performed the main role in the premiere production of the play
“The times did not choose,” which opened musical Theatre in 2012, has returned home. The actress debuted in the musical “the circus Princess”.

Party Theodora requires not only outstanding vocal
data and a dramatic talent but also acrobatic skills.
Valeria Lanskaya professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics
and figure skating. It was children’s enthusiasm for the sport helped her
to become one of the winners of the show “Ice age”. So the circus
tricks given to her with ease.

“I am very pleased that began to play in the musical “the circus Princess”, says Valeria.
Much matched what I got back in the team, where
all friends and relatives, and even the fact that my cinematic career
started with a series with such a name — “the circus Princess”. With
my partners Maxim by Zapaleniem and Jevgenijs Chirikova — I have a full understanding. Maxim I know for a long time, we worked with him.
different projects. Eugene and I met at rehearsals for the first time this
year. The Union of circus and drama give an incredible feeling for an actor.
Circus for me is not a foreign environment, and close and clear to me. I participated
in circus projects and during the year trained in the circus on the Colored.
So the tricks that I performed in the play, simple for me
in addition, it helps me gymnastic training received in