Marina Aleksandrova will be responsible for other people’s children

Марина Александрова будет нести ответственность за чужих детей The actress became a Trustee of the Foundation of rehabilitation. Marina Aleksandrova long studied the activities of the Fund, to understand what she needs to do in this post. Despite the constant employment, the artist agreed.

      Марина Александрова будет нести ответственность за чужих детей

      Actress of theatre and cinema Marina Aleksandrova became a Trustee of the Fund for the rehabilitation of children who suffered serious diseases, “Sheredar”.

      “I often say that I’m a kid since I love life and very positive person, and Sheredar helps to do just that: returns the children a positive, fun and the feeling of childhood, which should live in the child’s soul, so I agreed to support the activities of the Fund”, – explained his decision Marina Aleksandrova.

      She told that the way to “own” charity Fund was long, but in the case of Sheredar Foundation all came together. “And even then, I agreed immediately and took a break,” said Alexandrov.

      The actress added that the pause was necessary in order to study in detail the activities of the Fund and to understand how she’ll cope with the responsibility, which assumes the position of Trustee.

      According to Alexandrova, she often offered to be the godmother, and it is a great spiritual work. Explaining his attitude to these duties, she noted that he feels his responsibility to the charitable Foundation Sheredar, because it’s like a child who requires attention, communication, and we had to figure out if she can find the time to adequately devote to his Foundation, as it has and their children.

      The founder of Sheredar Foundation Mikhail Bondarev thanked the actress for the honor rendered to the Fund and gave Marina Alexandrova special sign “a Trustee Fund “Sheredar”.

      Sheredar is a young Fund, and this is the first sign, which we commend to the Trustee of the Fund, although such people we already have, for example, standing next to the President of the film forum “Charity in focus” Vitaly Kalinin, – said Bondarev. – The main task of the Foundation is to raise more funds for children who need rehabilitation. And you, Marina, spend most valuable – their time. And if you give one hour to support the activities of our Foundation, so we, the staff and volunteers, for their part give up children of ten, one hundred, and even more hours of care and assistance”.

      He recalled that in the country about 30 thousand children who need rehabilitation, but to date, the Foundation has addressed so far only about five hundred, and all received assistance at the best European standards.

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