Марина Александрова благодарна мужу за обеспеченную жизнь The actress is not experiencing financial difficulties. Marina Aleksandrova is the wife of a famous television producer Andrei Boltenko, which gives her the opportunity to do what she wants.

      Марина Александрова благодарна мужу за обеспеченную жизнь

      Marina Aleksandrova became acquainted with her future husband Andrei Boltenko ten years ago. The chief Director of the First channel immediately felt that this woman will be his chosen one. However, to the actress, this understanding came much later. She married a colleague on the set, Ivan Stebunova. Two years later the couple divorced. After that the movie star sparked a passionate affair with Andrei Boltenko, who did not miss his chance and took a sweetheart offer.

      Now the couple has two children. Unlike many other Actresses, Marina is not torn between work and home. Moreover, and in a career she does not have to choose the most profitable projects, because Alexandrova will not have to think about the financial side of family life.

      “Of course, the leader is Andrew. But it’s all so unimportant. When you love a person, no matter who your team leader. Andrew gave me the opportunity to be myself, I can choose what to do, to act where we want to be, I can rest, give birth, continue to grow professionally, ” says Marina. – I don’t know what is euphoria. I’m clearly aware of what is going on in my life, and I am very grateful to her husband”.
      Марина Александрова благодарна мужу за обеспеченную жизнь

      I wonder what Marina from the beginning, dreamed that her companion was the person on whom you can rely on. Besides, Alexandrov would like to lover pampered her and surprises, not counting the money for their implementation. Actress dream come true – all these qualities she found in the Andrei Boltenko.

      “One day we were chatting with a friend, and she asked what man I see next to him. I said, “He must be talented, self-sufficient and that he could take, for example, and say, “And flew to listen to Opera in Milan” or “let’s head to new York to the exhibition”. And I met such a person. I know that many people even envy me”, – says the actress in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

      Marina Aleksandrova has hinted that her husband is not giving daughter a lot of attention

      We will remind, Alexander became a mother for the second time in September last year. She quickly regained form and started to work on a new project. Alexandrov is removed in the second part of the series “Catherine”, which received a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

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