Алла Пугачева возвращает внучатого племянника отцу Four-year-old Jack will soon move in to dad’s new apartment, which he gave to the Diva. For months about the kid cared for the singer and her assistant, in the country in which he lived. Nephew Pugacheva is looking for work to pick up my son.

      Алла Пугачева возвращает внучатого племянника отцу

      Vlad Pugachev flew to Moscow after treatment in Israel. This “StarHit” reported earlier. In the Holy Land nephew Diva spent a year. Pugachev, who four years was paralyzed, put on his feet. The famous aunt created all the conditions that Vlad was able to undergo the recovery. The singer has hired a staff of professionals who worked with her nephew. Pugachev did a complicated surgery on Achilles tendons. At first he moved in a wheelchair, then with a Walker and crutches. All this time his four year-old son Zhenya was engaged in Alla.

      In the family of Alla Pugacheva, a fourth child

      The boy lived at the singer’s assistant Igor in the country on the river Istra. In may, Eugene was sent to rest at sea, and at the end of June he will move in with my dad to a new apartment, which was given to Joe.

      “Vlad terribly missed,” says his friend Michael. − Is now in search of work, because it is necessary to raise a son.”

      By the way, a Diva from time to time visited the little Zhenya. Новогодние5 the holidays and the baby was with her and her family in the castle. The child made friends with Lisa and Harry, they spent time together and even walked at a children’s party.

      Mom Genis Victoria Fadeeva Vlad Pugachev divorced. Almost immediately he struck up a romance with longtime girlfriend Catherine. At first I did, then met and realized that it was fate. Kate flew to the beloved in Israel. In the future, the couple plans to get married.

      Healthy Vlad is gone for months. Israeli doctors have done the impossible – a young man not only started walking, but was able to start doing sports. Daily Pugachev attended the prestigious Spa with stunning views of the beach Sharon. There he was engaged in the gym under the guidance of coach, I went for a massage, swam in the saltwater pool, and after procedures lot of walking. The first steps were given in excruciating pain, and the details of the experience nephew Diva later shared with “StarHit”. Alla Pugacheva has bought an apartment nephew

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