Марина Африкантова бросила Андрея Чуева из-за денег The participants of the project “House-2” again severed relations. Now the reason for the separation of the pair was a misunderstanding in the proper disposal of finances. Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev for six months are unable to register their relationship and to get married.

      Марина Африкантова бросила Андрея Чуева из-за денег

      The development of relations of participants of the project “Dom-2” Andrei and Marina Chueva Africanoboi watching with interest all of the viewers of the popular reality show. Fans can’t wait for a real wedding couple. Not so long ago Andrew officially divorced his ex-wife, and could lead Marina down the aisle. However, this did not happen. And the reason for that was the outbreak of conflict over money. Chuev could not constrain emotions and has published in the microblog their arguments on consumer attitude of girls towards men.

      Andrey Chuev divorced his wife

      “Everyone wants and ready on the ready! Most women, talking about love, look in the pocket of his loved one, and if it is not filled enough, to Express their Fi. Not wishing to go with my man from the beginning, together experiencing the moments, when sometimes you must give up luxuries. Much easier to find and remember what a terrible man and he’s not worthy of the worthy. Not worthy of her expensive manicures, expensive hair extensions and branded clothes, because they are the most important thing. I’m not the guy who will go over the imaginary virtues. You may write anything you want, but in our world money rules. And everything is evaluated not Valentines. Marina left me, not to give money. It is logical that money is more important than I,” wrote Chuev.

      Fans who closely follow the development of the relations of Marina and Andrew, not very surprised at the breakup of a couple. At the end of last year, the participants of the reality show “Dom-2” has already been canceled the wedding just a few weeks before the celebration. The reason for the breakup was that Afrikantov tired to obey his beloved.

      “Do you think that woman always must agree with my man? What if she doesn’t agree? And the man does not compromise, he says, or do as I say or leave”, – complained and asked for Council’s Marina .

      Марина Африкантова бросила Андрея Чуева из-за денег

      Then the lovers managed to restore the relationship and re-schedule the wedding. In January, fans could see the beautiful ceremony of marriage. But no one could have predicted an unexpected turn during the solemn oaths. The man refused to marry his bride. Andrey Chuev refused the bride during the wedding ceremony

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