Ларису Гузееву довели до предела Actress and TV host entered the fray with the mother of the heroine of “let’s get married”. Larisa Guzeeva admitted that she had not had so much nervous for the recording of the program. A celebrity with a shudder recalls about the incident on the show.

      Unexpected scandal ended with the entry of the next release of the program “let’s get married”. TV presenter Larissa Guzeeva has always had a special approach to the characters – the actress imbued with the history of each participant and just can not remain indifferent. That is why from time to time she is very sympathetic, and at times gets mad when I disagree with those who allow themselves to speak on the topic of the relationship of the characters. This time pretty nervous she had for mother one of the participants. The bride, for which chose a potential suitor, appeared in the Studio with my mom.

      After hearing the woman’s point of view about the personal life of his daughter, Guzeeva concluded that excessively takes care of her and trying to manage it. Leading and participating mother began to argue, and ended all this scandal – both raised his voice and began to interrupt each other. Later Larissa Guzeeva has placed in his microblog video from the recording of the program, where it is clearly visible that she was literally pushed to the limit. A scandalous video of the actress was accompanied by the following caption: “So much for eight years of the program no one has ever made you nervous”.

      Video published Larisa Guzeeva (@lara_guzya) Jun 6 2016 10:11 PDT

      I must say, the publication of the leading “let’s get married” made her fans divided into two camps. While some supported the star and said that she with all sincerity suited to each story, with which come the characters of the show, others condemned her for her inability to control myself. Many considered outrageous behavior Guzeeva and noted that the leading can’t allow myself such liberties. However, among the followers of a microblog celebrity was enough and its defenders.

      “The half-crazed mother destroys her daughter. Well, I would sit at home, once they are all fine. And Larisa guzeyeva acted more cautiously. Its endurance can only admire. As well as her beauty and intelligence,” “Such leading and such transfers need to raise the problem. Maybe some kind of mother-the vampire pulled myself together and stop ruining the life of her child. And some infantile adult child will push your stupid mother and begin to live your life. Life-only one, this should be remembered,” wrote fans of Larisa Guzeeva.

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