Марина Африкантова соревнуется с матерью Participant of “House-2” not happy that her mother was on the project. Marina Afrikantov called herself mother to participate in a reality show, but now disappointed with their decision.

      Марина Африкантова соревнуется с матерью

      Recently Marina Afrikantov feels not so comfortable as before. Place under the hot sun of the Seychelles she is forced to share with my mom. Tatiana arrived on Paradise island to support daughter when she was going to marry Andrey Chuev. However, after some time, the woman liked to be the center of attention that she decided to stay in the project. Now Marina’s mom has become almost more popular than his own daughter.

      I must say that this neighborhood does not make you smile Africanoboi, rather, annoying her. However, it was not always so. First, for the most part, thanks to the son-in-law Chueva, the life of the mother and daughter was like a fairy tale. “Today we have miracle day. Chuev woke us up early with my mom and took us on a luxury Villa, strewn with rose petals – shared with subscribers in Instagram Marina. – We are happy! And in the evening invited us to dinner, we are very happy. And tomorrow we will have another gift, but he said it’s a secret”.

      Now, when the presence of Tatiana Vladimirovna in a couple’s life became more Marina says differently. “Mom really wanted on the island, and I called her in. And it goes over the head and trying to show that she is better than me. At some point I realized that my own mother is competing with me”, says the angry girl. What will family conflict, is still unknown.

      In addition, Afrikantov still can’t marry his chosen, because he’s married to someone else. Chuev not officially divorced his previous wife Tatiana Chiosa. “To register the marriage with Marina they certainly can not. But to divorce Tanya, I think so, Andrew is not going – in this case, it will not be able to live in the United Arab Emirates, for unmarried women there are other rules. But that Marina didn’t worry, girls, he introduced and showed that really well and is friends with Kisei, and with her current man,” explained “StarHit” the participant of the project Alexander Artyomov.

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