Мэрилин Мэнсон заявил, что его друга Деппа «публично распяли»
Singer outraged by this attitude to johnny.

Мэрилин Мэнсон заявил, что его друга Деппа «публично распяли»

Johnny Depp

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Marilyn Manson

Photo: Legion-media

famous rocker Marilyn Manson has decided to stand up for his friend johnny
Depp. He said that during the showdown over accusations by amber heard
to address his friend, “Depp was cruelly and unjustly crucified.

“Johnny is one of the nicest people I ever met in my life. It
incredibly kind to my friends and all those around him. Besides
he is a great dad who raised two wonderful children, and it is also
speaks volumes. I know him very well, so I have the right to judge this…” — said Manson.

As it turned out, Marilyn and johnny still binds
something besides friendship and love for rock music. Manson said that he became godfather
Depp’s daughter Lily-rose. And since then maintains regular contact and by
Johnny, and with his children.

would in the case of johnny and amber held court, I, without a moment’s hesitation,
would be willing to testify for him!” — said Manson. However,
necessary in the performance of Marilyn is not expected. After all, August 16, Depp and heard, after a long and
painful negotiations, have finally come to an agreement. They agreed
save the details of your divorce confidential. And johnny, without waiting for the court verdict,
voluntarily decided to pay amber seven
of millions of dollars.

this does not mean that they made up. At the moment the last word in the battle
Depp and heard have remained in amber. The thing
that he johnny to pay her 7 million, the actress said about
his intention to give all the money to charity. And then johnny, bypassing your ex, right
transferred all the money to two organizations that mentioned the herd. Thus, Depp hinted that he suspects her of trying to spend all, slowly giving
money and his actions deprived her of that opportunity. Then insulted
Amber made its return move: it announced that johnny cleverly took advantage
situation, because now, since the money to charity was
listed in his name, he will get significant tax deductions.What, according to the actress, he was going for.