Лядова и Вдовиченков поздравили друга с премьерой
Elena and Vladimir visited the premiere of the film Nikolai Dostal “the monk and the devil.

Лядова и Вдовиченков поздравили друга с премьерой

Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Photo: press service

Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova

Photo: press service

In the Moscow concert hall Barvikha Luxury
Village held secular the premiere of the film “the Monk and the demon: the first picture
was presented at the 38th Moscow International film festival and became
the only Russian film in its competition program.

The guests arrived to congratulate the original Director
Nikolai Dostal, steel Elena Lyadova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Vladimir Menshov,
Vera Alentova, Inga Obadina, Anna Kotova, Anastasia Denisova, Sergey Shvydkoy,
Pyotr Buslov, Denis Burgazliev, Natalie Bordeaux, Xenia Knyazev, Boris Messerer and

“The monk and the demon” — a fantastic story, the plot
which brings the viewer in the first half of the nineteenth century, focuses on a new
the monk of the monastery of Ivan Semenovich. Together with the monk in the monastery
penetrate the dark forces that materialists in the face of the Legion, elected Ivan
The Legion chose the object of his devilish work. He strongly tempts hero
to knock him off the path of serving God. But the stronger the temptation, the
stronger spiritual forces of Ivan.