Marilyn Kerro revealed the truth about a new relationship

Мэрилин Керро открыла правду о новых отношениях Estonian witch clarified the rumors about the affair. Marilyn Kerro in early September, said in the broadcast of the new season of the TV show that broke up with her lover Alexander Sheps after a few years of relationship. Now fans suspect that she’s found happiness in the arms of another man.

      Fans participating in the popular program “the Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro for a long time followed the development of her romantic relationship with the winner of the 14th season of the project Alexander Sheps. Despite the fact that the young people were together for several years, their love story didn’t bring to the wedding. In early September, Kerro said that she broke up with her lover.

      Now around the personal life of one of the brightest participants of the 17 th season of “Battle of psychics” going to a lot of rumors. Some fans suspected that Marilyn found solace in the arms of a new chosen one. Due to the fact that Kerro did not comment on such gossip, subscribers literally filled up the Estonian witch questions about her personal life. However, the psychic was quick to reassure his fans and assured that now her heart is completely free.

      “I don’t have a new relationship,” wrote Marilyn in response to interested fans.

      Some subscribers tried to protect Marilyn from the violation of personal space. They expressed their dissatisfaction with those who bother the psychic such questions, and asked Kerro not to pay attention to the hype around this topic.

      “Why do you climb? What do you all care for her personal relationships?”, “Mary, you’re strong, and you’re not alone, we are with you! Do not listen to anyone and don’t answer – it’s your personal life, the less outsiders know, the stronger your relationship, I would never, for example, not asking about your personal life and never asked because it’s private, and still need to know the boundaries. Better to pay attention to yourself and your personal issues, I just think it’s not quite tactfully to get information from you about you and Sasha, and live with these thoughts. It is a pity that people don’t understand it, and attention and their lives pay less,” “Mary, strength for you and patience! You don’t owe anyone anything to prove. It’s your life! I am amazed at your endurance to read this nonsense, here are divorced and have yet to answer,” wrote the indignant subscribers.

      A friend of kerro Danis, Grinstein does not exclude the possibility that Marilyn voluntarily leave the project. He told me that on the program there are people who are jealous of her and trying to knock her off balance. In his opinion, the opponents are spreading about her a nasty rumor. Close Marilyn Kerro worried for her psychological state