Мэрилин Керро развлекается с новым бойфрендом The witch noticed a man walking in Moscow. Fans of kerro actively discuss her relationship with mark Alexander Hansen. The Network keeps popping pictures of the stars of “Battle of psychics” in the company of this guy.
Мэрилин Керро развлекается с новым бойфрендом

The mystical star of the popular show “Battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro has recently opened a center of magic in Moscow. However, most of the time the witch spends in Estonia, where her relatives: mother, sister and niece. During one of his recent visits to Russia Marilyn was seen in the company Alexander Mark Hansen. From the summer of 2017, fans of kerro suspect that the red-haired beauty with a novel.

On one of the pictures taken in the center of Moscow, Mary poses with alleged boyfriend. It is known that the man lives in Europe, and educated in Norway. He was married, he had a daughter from his first marriage. Initially, critics suspected that Kerro destroyed the family of the foreigner. However, I managed to find some fans of witches, Hansen broke up with his wife before meeting with the finalist of “the battle of psychics.”

Fans of kerro actively discussing new images of lovers. Some do not hide the joy about the fact that Mary looks happy. “You’re the best”, “my Dear, really love you”, “With Marilyn close to you are now standing, hope it’s worth it. And if you see that the path with her once, so whether you are worthy”, “Very nice young man”, “look Good together”, and discussed the picture pairs users microblogging.

Recall that Kerro finally broke up with Alexander Sheps in the early summer of last year. Fans are still wondering why such a beautiful couple couldn’t be together. According to witch and medium, they have managed to maintain good friendly relations.

“I have several times talked about this on camera, but apparently required an official statement. Here it is: Sasha and I are not a couple and now I have nothing to do with “Studio Magic” in Samara. This does not mean that something has happened. It’s all good. We each have our own life, and I have great respect for Sasha. If I am photographed with him – it proves once again that we are not the enemy”, – has explained the decision Marilyn.

According to Kerro, she needed a different format of relations. Alexander Sheps, they were competitors, and colleagues. “For me it will always be the closest person. I madly respect and love. But we live separately. When people do not live together, this is not a relationship. When you don’t know what the man was doing, such a relationship can not be called a family,” said the witch “StarHit”.