Борисова о скандале с Кравец: «Не буду больше в этом разбираться, я всем желаю добра» The presenter told about the conflict with the actress. According to Borisova, she doesn’t want to continue to develop the situation. The lawyer of the stars Lika, Chichiashvili confirmed that at the moment her client was more worried about the upcoming hearing, where they will be discussing with her ex-husband in order to communicate with her daughter.
Борисова о скандале с Кравец: «Не буду больше в этом разбираться, я всем желаю добра»

Recently it became known that Lou Ferrigno was subjected to harassment by other celebrities. Story presenter that took place a rehabilitation course after drug addiction, many have not left indifferent. At the moment, the star is engaged in other matters. Dana wants is very often to see his daughter Pauline Aksenova, who lives with father Maxim.

“StarHit” talked with the new legal representative of This, Lika, Chichiashvili. The lawyer of the TV presenter has told, what difficulties had to face her ward.

“Dana told me about that they have with Alyona had a conflict. Dana asked Allen not to mention her name in such forms,” said Lika.

According to the lawyer Borisova, Alan was too harsh, calling Dana a “junkie”. Chichiashvili, says that at the last meeting, Borisov was very adequate and behaved wisely. This information refutes some of the posts on the social network that the presenter does not comply with the main points of the program “12 steps”, which is the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

“Dana thinks sober, she knows what her goal. She wants to communicate with the child. We all consistently discussed. I have the impression that something is wrong. Borisov praying, turned to faith,” said Lika.

Alena Kravets and Dana Borisova a scandal

Lawyer Borisova said that last time, the presenter is in a state of stress. “She needs to be treated, recover and work”, – said Lika with “StarHit”.

Dana claims that she didn’t want to chat with Alena, which is not the best way.

“The court on the serve not going. I wish all of you good,” said Borisov “StarHit”.

For Borisova is now important to solve the issue relating to the right to see her daughter Polina. In the near future the television personality and her lawyer will attract the guardianship, who will assess the conditions in which the child resides.

“Dana will be present at the meeting. She wants to go to court. We will apply for the examination appointment. We plan to clarify requirements. Dana asks the child overnight. After “Live” with Andrey Malakhov, we have established communication with Pauline, and then Maxim took her again. Dana could not see her for Christmas. While Pauline is with her father. But we will involve the authorities at the place of residence of each parent. They will conduct surveys of conditions in which to be a child,” said Lika.