Мэрилин Керро восхитилась шрамом Александра Шепса The lovers talked with fans live “Periscope”. Sheps and Kerro told the latest news and remembered the unusual cases from the shooting of “Battle of psychics.” The young people shared details of recent transactions.

      One of the most beloved members of the mystical show still Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps. Met once on the set, they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other.

      Each of them tries to maintain a soul mate in difficult moments and to surround her with care and love. A special thrill in the relationship the couple revealed in an online broadcast, where he answered numerous questions from the audience. The show took place in a home like environment with soft music playing. It was seen as a happy chosen: they gently looked at each other, laughed, remembering the stories of life together.

      But the most disturbing topic was the recent operation of the magician. Alexander Sheps shocked staff from the operating table the Man reassured fans, saying that feels right and is gradually recovering field of surgery.

      “We all live and feel great. My hand is excellent. On Friday, we remove the seam! In fact, I still have to go to the dressing, but I already removed periodically. I can not yet raise high the hand.”

      Marilyn noted that, despite this, dramatic change is apparent now. She even wanted to show the followers the scar of a loved one, but Alexander is afraid to scare people. “On the contrary man – the scar is. I would have shown. This is a straight male such a scar! I think for men it is just beautiful. Though all the body. This is an indicator of how long you survived,” said the Estonian witch.

      But, apparently, these words persuaded of Isaac, and after a while he finally took off the bandage to show the results of the work of doctors. In addition, the winner of “Battle of psychics” has shared more details on this topic.

      “Many wrote and asked for what needed surgery. This is a standard situation – dislocation of the shoulder joint. After this shooting, this situation was repeated several times – was re-dislocated. Therefore needed surgery. And as for what happened there and there inhuman pain: guys, when you are in trance, they feel pain. The pain I felt, because, first, it was a very powerful energy impact, and he brought me out of this condition. Then very many things I just don’t show that happen. But believe me, it was just difficult to wave after such a dislocation”.