Мэрайя Кэри не может себе позволить большие траты
Western media recently reported that the famous singer Mariah Carey is experiencing financial difficulties.

Мэрайя Кэри не может себе позволить большие траты

According to rumors, the celebrity is almost bankrupt.

And this is not surprising, as Mariah has grown accustomed to luxurious living, to the great expenditure nor in denying themselves nothing.

As the insider reports, recently, 47-year-old singer decided to buy an expensive bag, but the cashier could not remove her card the required amount. Mariah started to yell, accusing the store is that they have a defective unit. But the same thing happened in another boutique.

It should be noted that after breaking up with tycoon James Parker and Mariah said that almost lost earnings, as refused many performances for her beloved.

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